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This Diwali, thanks to Eatlo, we had an Opportunity to Visit the Blind School & do our Bit in whatever small way Possible to add a smile to their faces.

Some Thoughts, Some Images, Some Interactions have stayed with me to Ponder over!

Sharing a Collage of some of the People I met and Observed along with a Poem which I wrote from their perspective.

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Remembering my First Girl Friend-My Jhaiji


Today is a Death Anniversary of a Person Whom I regard a lot.

She Was my First Girl Friend, She is my biggest Well Wisher and I know whenever I smile once, She Smiles twice seeing me.

She is my Daadi, My Jhaiji ……Smt. Ram Chameli!

Thought of dedicating a Blog to her today…. Started writing it a few days ago….
Been almost 2500 Words and abhi bhi mujhe lag raha hai….. ki 25% bhi nahi likha. 

Here sharing some of her Pearls that has helped me become a Better Human being.

As She Said “Pehle Ek acche Insaan bano”

• Ek ne kahi, Duje ne Maani, Nanak keh gaye, Dono Gyani!!
• Guru Ramdas, Tere charna di raas, Poori Kar meri aas. O Sodhi Sultan, Karde Mushkile Asaan!!
• Ek Chup te Sau Sukh!!
• Buddhe ka kaha aur Aammle ka Khaya, baad mein kaam aata hai!!
• Vand Chakko, Khand Chakko!!
• Eh Babbe da Mandar hai, Sab kuch iske Andar hai!!

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I FROZE when I should have MELTED- My Encounter with Actress Amrita Singh

Marriage of “Agent Vinod–Saif Ali Khan” to “Heroine–Kareena Kapoor”…Reminds me of “Chameli–Amrita Singh”.

Amrita Singh has been my first crush since 1987 when I was 9 and watched the Movie “Betaab”.

I was lucky to have the Video Cassette of Betaab back then and have viewed it Multiple times.

Today also I sense an Extra Hop in my step when I hear “Jab hum Jawaan honge, Jaane Khaan honge” and “Badal Yun Garajta hai, Darr kuch aisa lagta hai”

My love for Amrita Singh made me Hate Sunny Deol then…as I treated him as someone who snatched my Girl Friend and is living happily together with their Dog Bozzo.

It was only when I attained the age of 11 that I realized this is a Film and they are playing characters and this was not real life situation.

And when she married Saif Ali Khan………tab se to samjho meri Saif Ali Khan se Dushmani hi shuru ho gayi. (Till the movie “Love Aaj Kal” was released….The Movie which I term to be one of the best I have seen.)

Anyways…all was going well for many years till that day of 9th December 2008.

I was on an Official trip to Mumbai and had just come to my Swiss Junction Showroom after having my lunch at the “Lucknow ke Tunde Kebab” in the food Court of Mega Mall, Oshiwara. It was a wonderful afternoon and since I was at the store and it was a very dull hour for business…. I asked three of my Sales people to go for lunch and come back early.

While composing a mail…..A familiar looking lady just popped in and ushered an 11 year old boy in and requested me to take care of him. I being my usual self started chatting with him and entertaining with some unique toys we had.

He told me in a very heavy American accent that his name is Ibrahim and studies at DhiruBhai Ambani International School. And some other gupshup followed.

In a few Minutes… An Elegantly Dressed lady Walked in, and said “Hey Thanks, for taking care of my Boy”.

Looking at her, I froze for a moment.

Realised that she is AMRITA SINGH and it didn’t take me long to understand that the boy I was talking to, was her and Saif Ali Khan’s Son.

Within a Minute, the Familiar lady who sent Ibrahim, walked in and after a second look I recognized her. She was Navneet Nishan. (Tara)

Now watching my decades old Crush in front of me, I was not able to Say anything or Even Move.

Just then Ibrahim told her Mom that he wants to buy that toy…priced at Rs. 590/-

I packed it and told her that this is a Gift (Punjabi hu na…)… to which she refused sternly.

So I said “Ok Will give a 50% discount on the same for the regard I have for her….And all the while I was shaking”

And when she handed over her Amex Platinum Card to my shaking hands…I punched Rs 2.95 instead of Rs.295. Which she realized while signing and got my attention towards it in Punjabi. “Eh ki Kita?”

Sensing my mistake……I again swiped it for Rs. 295/-


Realising my nervousness…she hugged me and thanked me (na jaane kyu), before leaving.

These Preserved Credit Card Slips are a testimony to my claim :-)

I have never been in awe of any celebrity….but for Amrita Singh….it’s different. And that is probably the only reason that I remember and relish that Instance even today.

Would have loved to share Ibrahim’s pic here too….But since he is very very young……Avoided it.

I don’t know how to end this Blog….. So am posting this image of hers published recently by Hello!! magazine with her Daughter Sara Ali Khan which shows she is as Beautiful today as she was 20 years ago.


Originally posted on http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-news/i-froze-when-i-should-have-melted-koimoi-com-reader-talks-about-his-encounter-with-amrita-singh/

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