Pritam Singh Churann Wale- Defence Colony

Last Week at Defence Colony, I Met this Gentle Man Pritam Singh.
What got me talking to Pritam jee was board on his Cycle Saying, “Lakkar Hajam, Patthar Hajam Churann”

He told that his formula is 60 years old &2014-12-03 20.44.53 was created by his father who till 5 years back sold it for 50 years, in Defence Colony Market.

While Pritam jee’s father sold it in Defence Colony, Pritam jee himself sold it in Lajpat Nagar. However, now for past 5 years, he sells it in Lajpat Nagar in Morning and at Defence Colony in evening!

My hajma is Quite good so I skipped the LHPH Churann but got Anardana Churann balls from him which were really good. If you want to experiment, then he had other Goodies like Saunf, Aam Pappar, Imli etc etc too.

Before you ask for his number…. here it is 9313972621. :-)

#Kuch Chehre Aise Bhi
#Ek kahani Aisi

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Band Aid creates Bonds!

2014-11-27 14.51.47This evening after Trade Fair ki Sair and Cha Bar ka Khana, Gurleen and me went to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib.

There I overheard these 7 kids who sounded a bit worried and got to know that one of them has hurt his Finger. I always carry a Band Aid in my Wallet and offered to help. Saw his Finger which had some internal injury and small Blood Clot had appeared which would normally be healed with passage of time. But to pacify them, I told them to use a Band Aid and on application they seem to be happy. Probably a Psychological effect.

Now, they had seen me clicking a Pic & asked me to click one of them and I obliged. I asked them if they have Mail accounts. None of them did.

One of them pointing a finger towards a Friend said….. “Isko Bhej do, iske Papa ki Sarkaari naukri hai, wohi net karte hai”

Other pointing to another said “Iska Bhai to bahut net use karta hai”

The Ones in School Uniform were Bunking School and were afraid that they may get caught. But then they said…. “Bhaiya, Isko faceBook par daal dena. Pakkra gaya to bol doonga koi aur hai”
Why am I posting this?
Because these Kids asked me to do so!

Also because, Though I had a very Special Day today, however they made it more special.

They made me Smile, They made me feel happy!


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