Look Around and Everybody is an Entrepreneur!!


This weekend… While going through my Old Pics….. I found some pics clicked by me at Karnal Bypass (A Small Town of Haryana, on the sides of NH1)

This was on a Saturday while we were on our way to spend a few days holidaying in Simla….and we had halted due to a long queue of Cars at the Toll Plaza.

Everything seems to be the same….. the Dust Flying around, Hawkers selling their wares, Blaring Horns, Two Wheelers trying to cross wherever they could find the way, unmindful of your car getting scratched.

And while I was having my Kurkure and Mountain Dew (My Staple Diet while driving long Distance)…I noticed a gentleman wearing a Kurta Pyjama and a Head Gear going from car to car seeking contributions with his usual Chant of “Shani Maharaj ki Jai ho”.


Nothing that we all have never seen before…… but something was unusual amongst this usual scene and I clicked some of his pics once he crossed us.

Need to mention that the Strike rate was 50…… Which meant he got a Contribution from every next car. Which is very very unlikely to happen in Delhi, Mumbai, or for that matter any Indian city.

Today, when i saw these pictures again…. I tried to spend some time on it and kept pondering and thankfully my effort paid off…..As I realised that he is a Fellow Entrepreneur.

One who has planned everything that he is doing and making calculated moves in a territory which is still unexplored!!

On closer Inspection I could see his strategy Unfolding. The Same is as Follows.

  • He has selected the Right Day of the Week i.e Saturday!
  • Wears the Right Clothes/HeadGear for you to treat him seriously & Dish out your Coins!
  • Rather than working in the Colony Streets, He prefers coming to Toll Plaza where the Density of Cars/People is High and results in more Business
  • He knows very well that due to high Highway Accidents, We Indians Remember our God often while travelling on the Highway and hence this is right place to ask for Money in the Name of God!
  • On a Highway….There is a 50% probability that you are travelling for a vacation. Means Good Mood which means Notes instead of Coins. So more Money for Business.

No Doubt he would have planned other Days accordingly tooo………….. In the Name of Some Other God, in some other Costume, in Some SUITABLE Other Area.

Lesson Learnt: Entrepreneur is not only a person who creates companies with his Knowledge but also every person who tries to Defy norms, Notices the Opportunity and Grab it at the RIGHT TIME.

He is there everywhere around us and inside us…… We just need to Spot, Observe, Learn and Execute!!




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