The Day I talked to my Turban

17 Sep. 2015

Hi Turban,

We have been together for 23 years and have never shared even a word. Probably you would have talked sometime, but I never cared to hear you.

I saw you first on the Day i was born. My Papa took me in his strong arms, and I saw how smartly you were Gracing his head.

I may not have much Knowledge on who you are, what you do but yes, I loved my father and since you were his constant companion I loved you too.

His handsomeness multiplied whenever he wore you. He had limited choices in colours.  He would either have Brown or Maroon Turbans. And somehow I thought that My Dad is boring. Why doesn’t he try different colours?

I turned 12 in 1991 and that’s when my “Dastaar Bandi” happened & you graced my head for the first time.


2015-09-17 11.26.26
Moment after official DastarBandi

The Very Same night at the DastarBandi Function.
The Very Same night at the DastarBandi Function.

Initially, it felt tough.

I was wondering how I would ever be comfortable with this uneasiness and weight on my Head. Never knew that Weight was of a Crown which I would fall in love later. :-)

I studied in a Convent school and it was not compulsory to wear the Turban unlike in Sikh Schools where a few of my friends had to wear it daily from class 6th onwards.

I was very comfortable in my Caps that I bought from Gaffar Market. Some said “Lakers” and on some “An Innocent Boy” was embroidered :-)

2015-09-17 11.29.02
In my Laker’s Cap

It was only at Family Functions that I started wearing you and for that too I seeked help from My Cousin, Brother or Papa. You were just so difficult. Sometimes I thought that I shall get my hair shorn just because I would not be able to tie a Turban.

How silly I was!!


2015-09-17 11.29.11
Wore a Cap with Formals too. Here in my classroom at National Institute of Sales!

But time passed and I wore you more often. More so because I started working.

It was only in 2001 that I started gracing you everyday after my job at Appu Ghar.  And the colour I wore  mainly was BLACK. Not because I liked it. But I had a well fitted Black trouser and they matched. Only thing I had to worry about while dressing was about Shirt and Tie to wear. That was easy.

Slowly, time passed and I started wearing you in different colours… Some Really Bright and some really Dark.

This continued till an Uncle who is also an Astrologer came to meet Papa for some work.

He casually mentioned that I should not wear Black or Dark Coloured Turban on Thursdays as Brahma occupies the mind on Thursdays and hence dark colour should be avoided that day. I may not believe in Astrology as much but I just asked myself. Why not?
It was that very moment that I decided to shun wearing Dark Colour Turbans all together. I keep taking these kind of on the spurt decisions and have never regretted.

That was the day I said Bye to Navy Blues, Dark Greens and Blacks in my cupboard. I started wearing Sky blues, Reds, White, Cream, Orange etc.

AStage, where all my Turbans matched with my Clothes. Here in Appu Ghar with Hargun
Stage, where all my Turbans matched with my Clothes. Here in Appu Ghar with Hargun


Orange Turban matching with the Colour of Text on my Tshirt.
Orange Turban matching with the Colour of Text on my Tshirt.


Clothes play a big role in enhancing moods.

Slowly I started realizing that when I wear Red Turban, I looked good and some how had a nice day. When I wore White, the day was dull. When I wore Brown, I felt lazy and day didn’t turn up well. So slowly I started wearing Red almost 4 times a week.


2 years Back, I was supposed to meet a friend in some crowded area and I reached before him. I told him my location and waited for him. Even though he was in the complex he was not able to find me. And then finally, I called him and reached where he was standing.

And I confronted him that I gave a specific location and still he not able to find me.

And what he replied set me thinking. He Said “Tikku Paajee, I was searching for Red Turban” and when I saw a white, turban, I thought this can’t be you.


This is when I realised that people link me with RedTurban. And after giving it a thought I realized, it feels Good when I’m in Red Turban, It matches all kind of Clothes too.  Then why not just stick to Maroons, Crimsons and Reds. And so I did.

Just a few years back I used to think My Dad is boring as he wore turbans of only 2 colours and I’m now down to just ONE. :-)

Dear Turban, You have been always with me. Made me look good, Made me Feel Confident, Given me an identity. I would to “Thank You” for everything.

It is said that “Amle ke Khaya aur Burre ka kahaa baad mein pata chalta hai”.  I would add ki Pagree ki mahima bhi Kuch samay baad mein samajh aati hai.

You are my friend & much beyond a Religion Complusion.

Thanks, Please keep Gracing me :-)




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