The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air, We can now sense that Winter is here!!



The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air,

We can now sense that Winter is here….


Apart from the Cold Weather, I look forward to many things new and Nice,

A few would be to have Garam Kheer, Gulab Jamun and  Garm-a-Garam Rajma Rice…..


Less use of Air conditioners in Winter is good for Environment too,

And I would cunningly admit, Good for my Pocket too…….


Electricity Bills go Down and so do the Petrol outgo,

And I just keep looking for places, Somewhere nice to go…….


Winter is also the time for me to Grin,
As My Sweatshirts cover my Tummy and I Look Thin……


It’s time for me to wear my Waist Coat,

And how Can I forget, it is also Time for us Delhi-ites to Vote…


The Only thing that worries me is for the People who sleep on the street,

It will be difficult for them to sleep in just a sheet……


No Worries, we will do our bit this year too.

Like we did in year Two Zero One two…..


Will try to ensure winters bring happiness for All,

So that everyone walks through their Life Happily and Not just Crawl….

The Morning Breeze, the Nip in the Air….

We can now sense that winter is here….


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There is something magical in a Sunday… Seems, it’s not just ours but even God’s Special day!! (Sunday Morning Musings)

There is something magical in a Sunday…
Seems, it’s not just ours but even God’s Special day…

Every Weekday Morning it’s a pain to wake up from the slumber…
But on a Sunday it takes a minute to get up, irrespective if it’s April or December….

Today Morning when I got up and went to the terrace,
Just loved the cool breeze on my face….

On the terrace, I picked up the Earthen Bowls,
Which are meant for the Fowls.

And as usual, Put Bajra in one and Poured water in another,
And wait for the Birds to Come, Eat, Drink and create a Flutter..

In the meanwhile, when I casually peeped down….
From my terrace could see half of the Town

There is a whole new world that I Witness…..
A world of Love, Work, and not an iota of duress

Milk Man delivering Milk, Door to Door,
And the Newspaper wala aiming his rockets at each floor….

Some of my neighbours, Going for their walk…. 
And Chowkidar Bhaiya.. Washing the cars while indulging with them in a short talk..

And then as I look up, I see a flock of Birds… 
Parrots, Crows, Pigeons All are there……. But I miss seeing Sparrows.

I see them flying from one roof to another……
And What they must be thinking while doing this, I wonder.

With their wings wide open…. They take a flight
And land on a terrace which they think is right…..

And then again in a few minutes, they move to another place,
And I silently request them to come closer, so that I can see their face.

They do Oblige…… And pass close to me as if they are playing a game…..
And I am disappointed as all look the same.

How would they know…. Who’s who?
Or is it just we Humans that can’t see through….

They have their own lives and we have our own……
But they live in a Flock….. And we some times alone.

I just wonder do they sometimes want to be a human,
If they do….. Then I am sure they have a bad acumen.

Now, I notice… The birds coming to my terrace and doing some chatter
Guess they have come to Eat Bajra & Drink some Water,

I Quietly Drift away and let them have their food,
These are the small moments that really make you feel good 

It was a wonderful and thoughtful start to the day….
O My Lord, I Pray make every day as cheerful as a Sunday.

There is something magical in a Sunday…
Seems it’s not just ours, but even God’s Special day…

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