Message in Massage

It was 8 am on a Wednesday morning, when 27 year old Ankur woke up in his Vijay Nagar PG.

He has been living here for the past 5 years. First 3 years, when he did his Eco (Hons) from Hindu College and then stayed here even after he got a job in a Data Analytics company in Gurgaon.

Normally he would get up at 6 and would be on road by 8 to reach his Office by 9.

But today was a different story. It was a Holiday on Account of Sri Krishan Janamashtami.

As soon as he woke up he did what every youngster or even older people do these days. Check the updates on Phone.

Facebook Notifications, WhatsApp Messages, Mails and these days even GroupOn Deal Notifications.

He loves dining out and follows FB Page Eatlo for recommendations and then also used to search some good deals on GroupOn and hence had installed an App.

The Notification said “Spa Deals from Rs 599”



This got his attention and he surfed further and saw some great deals offering 65% Discount. One Such deal was for Rs 599, the actual  cost of it was Rs 1500.  It was at Sohna Road in Gurgaon where he worked.

As it is, he leaves early from office and comes back home late, so he decided taking a Gurgaon Voucher would be perfect for a Friday evening after office.

He immediately fetched out his Credit Card and paid for it.

After paying he got up from his bed to go and fetch the newspaper from the main door and wished his Maid “Namaste”. The Maid “Sarita Didi” who was sweeping the Living area was stunned as this is not what happens daily.

And she asked him “Why are you Smiling Bhaiya” . He said nothing and just moved on. But realized that yes…. He was happy after doing this Online Purchase.

The Only Condition that the Voucher mentioned was to bring the Print-out along.  And that is what was troubling him. He didn’t have a printer at home and was not comfortable to print it at office, lest everyone knows about his Friday plans and makes him a Butt of their Jokes for next few days.

Anyways, the day ended after having Fish from “Sawhney Macchi” at Kingsway Camp and he slept to get up early next day.

Thursday morning he got up at 6, reached office by 9 and started his usual Routine. But the thought of taking the print didn’t leave his mind.

Today Sarita Didi was on a Holiday and hence he didn’t get his Lunch Packed. So he decided to step down from his office during lunch and have Reckitt Benckiser Building wale Matar Kulche.

And while having it his Eyes got struck on a small Shop which said “Photocopy, Print & Lamination”



He thought to himself, there was a time when these Shops had written STD/ISD/PCO written all over and how during his college days he used these booths to call his parents back home in Sagrur, Punjab.

But due the advent of Mobile Phones, the Public Call Trade has been swept out.

And while he was thinking this, He looked at his Mobile and there was another Notification from GroupOn. “Buffet Meal for 2 at Hotel Red Fox, AeroCity” And then his mind opened… “Hey I wanted a Printout and here is the place….Woaah””

Ankur finished his Matar Kulcha and rushed towards the shop and asked him “Bhaiya Print kitne ka?”

Bhaiya replied back… Pen Drive se Loge to Dus Rupye aur Email ke Pachees.

Ankur replied “Email se”.

Bhaiya: “Lo jee fir [email protected] par mail kar do & I will open my Mail and print it.

Ankur Fished out his Samsung S3 and mailed the Voucher to Posh Photostat.

Bhaiya Opened his Email Account…. Opened the Mail, Gave the Print Command and here it was.

Printout for the SPA SERVICES he was going to avail this Friday evening!!

The Paper quality was not very good and even the colour of the paper was Pale yellow instead of white. But that rarely mattered. What mattered was the PRINT.

With a Smile on His face and an extra Hop in his step he went to the office, finished his Work with more vigour &came back to his PG in Vijay Nagar by 9 pm.

Sarita Didi had made Matar Pulao with Nutrella Soya Chunks this evening. She also had kept Salad and Chutney along with it as accompaniments.

He had his meal and slept as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Next morning when the alarm sounded at 6, he got up. He realized that it’s start of the weekend and also the day when would be pampering himself with a Massage and probably some Wine along with an Italian Meal Later at newly opened Restaurant It-Alia in Gurgaon.

Wearing his Indus League Khaki’s along with his Maroon Coloured Polo T-shirt he left for office, but not before letting Sarita Didi know that he would be having his dinner outside, so she should not bother to cook for the evening.

He got down the 2nd floor PG and stepped inside the Office Cab. Thank God that his Company had changed the Entire fleet of Rickety Toyota Qualis to the Smooth Toyota Innova. Travelling to office was so much good now even when they were 8 people in the car meant for 6.

In Office Ankur reached for his phone and called the Spa giving reference of his Voucher to book an Appointment for 6 pm. And was pleased to know that the slot was available and had been confirmed. Although he would have agreed for 7 pm or 8 pm slot too. But that would mean killing Time elsewhere and reaching home quite late.


The day seemed so long that Ankur almost did 2 days work in that one day till the clock finally struck 5.

He waived goodbyes to his colleagues who were busy making drinking plans for the evening at Nearby Ahata or at the new Drinking Hole that had opened on the Golf Course road recently.

Ankur didn’t want to be caught by them, so quietly slipped out of the door and walked towards the Auto Stand.

He had already told his office Cab Driver that he would not be going back in the cab tonight, so was relaxed.

At the Auto Stand he took an Auto for Sohna Road and while covering that 5 km distance he could hear his heart Pound faster and louder.

Once inside the shopping Complex where the Spa was located, he walked across several of them while reaching the Spa of which he had the Voucher of.

He Entered the Spa & while handing over his  Printed Voucher introduced himself, “Hi I am Ankur Khanna; I had called up today morning and have a Booking at 6”

The Lady smiled back… Took his Voucher and then scanned his Voucher and her face turned Pale.

The Only thing she said was “Sir, This Voucher has been used already yesterday” and she fished out another Voucher with some ink marks.

“The Paper quality of that Voucher was not very good and even the colour of the paper was Pale yellow instead of white”

The Massage was not given, however the Message was conveyed!




18 thoughts on “Message in Massage

  1. So many brands in the writing Gurpreet ji.. makes me think of bloggers who can write fiction and include brands in the story… that would be some real advertising by fictional characters!! Very Nice writing… way to go !!!!

    1. Anamika jee….. After writing the Blog…. i noticed too.
      Means baad mein Edit karke do baar groupon ka naam hataya and Credit Card ke aage se HDFC ka.

      But you got the point that subtle and unintrusive references of a Brand can help the brand a lot.

  2. Nice story Gurpreet. Though while reading I thought That this story might turn out into some unfortunate incident involving the illegal side or the law. Something on the lines of numerous adverts we see in the newspapers classified sections. Hehehe
    Nice twist to the tale in the end, wasn’t expecting it.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Harjeev jee for reading it and sharing your views.
      Being my First try at Fiction, I didn’t want to keep it complicated. Wanted it to be Light and ensure that the reader leaves the Story with a Smile.

      Somehow I believe that I have achieved it. :-)

      Yes could have been various scenarios and shall play with them in next Fiction Stories :-)

      My biggest motive was that I wanted to resist saying directly that The Voucher has been misused by the printer. so used…

      “The Paper quality of that Voucher was not very good and even the colour of the paper was Pale yellow instead of white”

      Thankfully it was well understood by all readers :-)

      1. Nana bhai, Don’t misunderstand me. I was merely conveying what was going on in my mind while reading the story. I enjoyed it none the less. I’d never expected this outcome, so naturally you (as the author) had the attention of me (as the reader) till the end which I believe was your intention.Cheers. Hope I’ve conveyed my thoughts better this time. :)
        Looking forward for the next in this series.

        1. Arre Nahi nahi Sir.. don’t Misunderstand you. Got you and your thoughts completely. Shayad my Arrangement of words was wrong.

          Next in the series very soon Sir. probably, once a week :-)

          Waise…. I am even thinking of taking this very story forward. Let see :-)

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