Greedy Fellow!

Since I was a Kid, I have been a Greedy fellow!!

Greedy for Gifts, Complimentary products, Buy One Get one (BOGO) Give Aways.

Be it Kissan Sauce, Maggi Noodles, 7UP Fido Dido Give aways etc.

Yesterday too while I was at Le Marche, Gurgaon. I spotted a Rack shouting to me… “Buy one 2Ltr Coke Bottle and get a Coca Co20130315_125621la Contour Glass free”

So, I picked 1, Then 2, Then 3. And then asked Gurleen “May I pick 3 more to make a set of Six…… I heard my Intelligent Wife’s Brain say NO!! But She spoke what her heart said… as she knew I was waiting to hear YES!!

So, now I have a Set of 6 Coca Cola Glasses and a Quota of Coke to last 3 months.

If any one of you is around…. feel free to drop in for a Glass of Coke in the new Glasses!!

As it is Said #Thori paagal panti bhi Zaroori hai

Disclaimer: Coca Cola did not pay me anything for this update.
Though I would not mind, if they did :-)



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