DTC (Delhi) Bus-Then and Now (1995-2014)

I love to have great heavy Breakfast and  more Quainter the place, the more I love it. So When I got to know that there is an Eatlo Eatup at Cafe Ama in Majnu ka Tila area in Delhi, then me and Gurleen (I’m her Husband) decided to go for it.

Though Gurleen had a meeting at 11am in North Delhi, she still insisted to be part of it.

We went in a single car and decided that I shall take a Metro from Vishwa Vidhyalya Metro Station and come to office after changing the Train from Rajiv Chowk.



The Meal was OK, the Place was Awesome and while we walked to our Car, I realized that Gurleen has a meeting in Shalimar Bagh. Shalimar Bagh is almost halfway to our home so decided that taking a Metro would take an Hour and Auto would not take more than 30 minutes.

On the way till Shalimar Bagh, I thought that I have to go Straight only on Ring Road till Maya Puri Chowk, so why not take a bus, rather than an Auto. As it is, it’s been long that I have not been on a Bus.

And so, Gurleen dropped me at Shalimar Bagh Bus Stand. Somehow I assumed that almost all the buses shall go straight till Mayapuri and hitched on to the bus which came as soon as I got down. While taking the ticket realized that it would not go to Maya Puri Chowk and hence got down immediately at the next Traffic Light and walked back towards the Bus Stand. Thankfully after 6 Buses drove by, a Bus came which would be going via Maya Puri Chowk.  And I hopped on. Bas uske baad hum the…. Aas paas ka Mast nazara tha aur bahut Insights thi, which I absorbed, Clicked, Enjoyed and now sharing some.

Delhi is Beautiful as it is, aur zara Upar se dekho to aur bhi khoobsurat hai. In this case a few feet above Ground, from a Bus.

Some Things I noticed inside the bus….

  • The Seats are very comfortable and even have Seat Belts. (They must Install Seat belts on State Transport buses too)

2014-12-04 11.25.19

  • Lots of Emergency Exits. But sadly one of them needs a Hammer to “Break it”. And there is No hammer in Sight. So, When you hop on a Bus, Ensure you have a Carpenter along :-)

2014-12-04 11.24.28

  • The Conductor did his Job very well and was In Proper Crisp uniform.

  • Earlier, there was fear that someone may Snatch your bag or Pick your wallet & jump from a Moving Bus. But now as the doors are closed, One can heave a sigh of relief…….. Till the doors open :-)

  • There are some people who are doing some great work. For example, this subway down there was Very Colorful, but Dust had covered it and rather than being an Attraction, it has become an eye sore. Shall share this pic with respective authorities and agar Ek mahine mein saaf nahi hota, then shall go with friends and clean this. Atleast once. Some times, One time is all that matters :-)

2014-12-04 11.33.40

  • The Bus Stops are really Clean and Maintained well. Baithne ke liye saaf jagah mil jaye, wohi bahut hota hai.

2014-12-04 11.36.02

  • In case of Fire, The Bus does have a Fire Extinguisher. :-)

2014-12-04 11.48.02

  • I saw this Poster of Arvind Kejriwal inside the bus. No, I don’t think it was Paid for to DTC.

2014-12-04 11.48.32

  • The City is Awesome, Down there was an Under Pass. And on the Surface level was again a Road and  On top of it, was a Flyover where I clicked this pic from a Bus and overhead there was Metro Train running.  Four Levels!! :-)

2014-12-04 11.37.30-2



I know,  bahut parr liya aapne, so ab aap agar is window ko band kar denge, to mein bura nahi manunga. But if you can spare 165 more seconds, then do read on. May be this becomes the topic of discussion with someone you meet today. Facts to pata hi hone chahiye na :-)

So here it is…..

I have shared some Experiences from 1995 when I used to travel a lot on DTC buses and have compared them with today’s experience.  .

                                             Difference In travelling in a DTC Bus-THEN and NOW

THEN 1995

NOW 2014

in 1996 , The Student pass was for Rs 12.50 Rs and allowed you to travel unlimited times for a month

Today for a 5 Km Distance, I paid the Same Amount

Earlier the Male-Female Ratio was 50-8

Today it was 50-2. Seems, Females Prefer the Safer Metro, even if the time taken is longer some times. :-)

Earlier The Conductor used to sit in the last and we used to first grab seats wherever we got, and passed a 5 Rs coin and asked some one ki Do rupye ki ek Ticket le dena and he would pass it to his piche wala.

Today, The Conductor sits in the centre, and you need to get up and get your Tickets.. Because the gaps between seats has increased, more so between the front seats and conductor’s Seat

Earlier, it was Get up get down anywhere. I remember, getting down from a chalti hui Bus many times. But once I miscalculated and crashed with my full body on the ground. It was not a Busy road and thankfully no traffic was coming piche se :-)

Today the Gates are closed when the bus is moving so not as easy

Earlier Most of the time was spent on seeing bahar or Snoozing or Talking to Co-Passengers. I remember, Once I told a lady on the Bus ki Unke Khaali kaan acche nahi lag rahe. And she smiled and took out her Earrings and wore them usi time. I still think ki usne mujhe channtta kyu nahi maara :-)

Today, It was same as far as snoozing is concerned. But today some people were snoozing while wearing ear phones. Good Way, Jab Gaana chal raha hai to masti ho rahi hai. And Gaana band ho jaye to headphones will cut the external chatter and shor.

Earlier, The Entire route of the Bus was written at the Entry gate and even on Wind Screen of Bus

Today just the final destination is written. Khud soch lo. And issi Wajah se, I got on to a wrong Bus today/ Thankfully it was red Light after the Bus Stand and I got off and walked back to Bus Stand

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Uff.. Seems I’m watching too many TVF Videos. Woh bhi end mein aise hi bolte hai :-)





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