What is the Business Model of MLM Company QNET And why to Stay away from it!!

Have you ever got the following kind of Message on facebook, WhatsApp, eMail?

“”I got your profile from ‘People you may know’ because we have some common friends.

I am working in IT Industry and having successful careers. Along with my job am working with group of professionals on our own business venture & fortunately right now we are in a global expansion phase and looking for handful of sharp & ambitious people as business partner.By looking at your profile I felt you might be one of them. Hey it may be shot in the dark,Are you open minded at looking at a business opportunity to create extra money without disturbing your primary profession ? If yes drop me your number, will reach back you. Regards””

Probably we all have, And for sure ENTREPRENEURS have. :-)

Been a While Alok Kejriwal Sir posted a Query in this regard on QUORA asking 10 Questions about QNET.


Here was my Reply. Do Read it….. It may give you a better picture on what QNET is and probably save you lots of Money, HeartBurn and FRIENDS!!

Here it is…..

Today if Somebody asks to meet me… I confirm to check if so that he is not from Qnet and is not here to brainwash me and try to get a cheque of Rs 1,20,000 from me!

Q1. WHAT is the Business of Qnet

Answer – The very thought of Saying Qnet and BUSINESS in word is Wrong. The question should be “How does Qnet Fool People” or “Is QNET run by Sahara group?”

2. What is the GREATNESS in products that Qnet sells?
Answer: The products are show off…. They are used to create high Expectations that one would be selling a World Class Product for Literally Peanuts.

3. Who makes these products that Qnet sells and what is the relationship of Qnet the Company and the manufacturers?

Answer: It hardly makes a Difference. Main purpose is to fool people and motivate them to Fool more by getting more memberships
4. What margins are possible to be earned on such products? Answer with world examples of similar industries and quote some publicly available data.

Answer: Read Answer 3

5. How can these margins be remunerative by sharing across multiple levels of people? If margins are finite, how can sharing be infinite? (It is possible mathematically but if I divide say US$ 19 commission between say 390,000 people, each person gets a ridiculously meaningless share).

Answer: Margins to be shared are from the membership money and not Product sales per se. The more people below the Pyramid more one makes money. So eventually…. Only the promoters make money and then Invite Richard Branson on their meetings and then earn more money

6. Why cant Qnet sell its great products (with its great margins like Walmart) and become the biggest retailer in the world?

Answer: Product is not the King here…… It is the Channel.

7. If the Business model of Qnet is to empower people, make them rich and free them so that they can pursue their hobbies, why cant Qnet FIRST become a Fortune 500 Company (Like Walmart) and then OPEN A WORLD CLASS COLLEGE like Harvard that educates people for FREE and liberates people so that they can do what they want in the world??

Answer: Some Day… MLM would be pronounced illegal in all countries and all this vicious Cycle will stop. So why to Waste money. Rather earn Now to splurge later.

8. Why is the process of approaching potential ‘members’ like that of a secret Cult? Why didn’t ANY OF THE PEOPLE who approached me simply say “Alok, Sell Qnet” (Like they say – Sell Insurance) – WHY DID THEY MAKE IT SOUND LIKE VOODOO??

Answer: if you show a person a rotten sandwich they will not eat…… But They know there are many fools who will bite this rotten sandwich when you tell them that it is baked in a 300 year old Stone Oven….. Only to have a sever Financial and Mental Diarrhea later

9. Is the Qnet model ONLY based on “PESTER MARKETING”? (Defined : I will tell you to buy and you WILL BE obliged TO BUY because you can’t say NO to me because of our relationship)
Answer: Nahi jee……. It is mainly sold to ENTREPRENEURS and wanna be Entrepreneurs who are already struggling in some way or other.
Also,They try to keep it classy…

·        By Fixing the Meeting at COSTA Coffee
·        Some one else would call you and say “Mr soNso,My partner is in Town and would be great if you could meet up., He is very influential and this would help in your earning capacity”
·        They would start talking to you… on eComm and then shift to Asking you.  Would you like to earn 3 lakhs per month etc etc.
·        He-she will brag about themselves. One I met said I earn Rs 3 Lakhs per month. And a while before when I asked him about how he is going back to Mumbai he said by Rajdhani 3 AC.
“Bhaiya, jab itna paisa hai, to By Air jao na… you will find many murgas on your way and save your precious time too”

Answer: Because that’s not their AGENDA! Simple


I hope this would leave you with enough background to take a Decision, if some one from QNET calls you next

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