#BathroomTales 6 …… A Teary Soapy Tale

Unlike other Mornings when I heard a Loud Confident Voice, Today…. It was a very feeble Voice that called me…..

And when I looked around to see where it came from… I noticed it was from the Soap in my hand!!

It had already been used for 5 days and within next 5 days…. It would be used and finished completely.

In its feeble Whisper/sobbing tone… it said to me 

“Gurpreet, in order to use me… People rub me every day against them and in the process each day I loose a part me. I cry at times because I will be finished in a few days. 

However since I don’t have an option, I try to find a false solace that I am being of use to some one. But the truth is…… It’s good to help someone, but not at the cost of hurting yourself

If you don’t set your own priorities, then someone else will set it for you, and it will be obviously that suits them, not you
So take your own Decisions, Don’t Exhaust yourself for others and live in a Lather less World!”

Another Lesson Learnt… Was Desperately Required. Thanks Saabun Didi!



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