What is ART? A tete-e-tete with thyself

ARTYesterday While driving for a Painting Exhibition, I asked my self that if I really understood ART?


And then cycle of  continuous Questioning & Answering myself started.


And this is how MY Conversation with ME went. 

(To understand it properly, Would appreciate if you Try reading it word by word and not in a Hurry)



Q:           What is Art?

A:            Everything we See, Hear, Smell, Feel, Listen  around is an Art.


Q:           What is Good Art?

A:            Everything which is made with a thought process/Reasoning is Good Art.


Q:           What is Very good Art?

A:            Very Good Art is when most of the people understand that thought process.


Q:           What is Very Very Good Art?

A:            When only those people understand the Thought process for which it is intended to be.


And needless to say, that My Answers to me were were not Perfect, but did Satiate my curiosity!!

Please share your version, would love to hear more about it.

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2 thoughts on “What is ART? A tete-e-tete with thyself

  1. I would rather go in reverse – for example, very very good art is when your piece of work has a thought process and gets communicated very easily to everyone who in one way or the other appreciates art.

    But must say that its very few who even converse with themselves to find out answers!! Nice one!!

    1. Anamika jee… This would have remain a Thought… had I not conveyed it to a Friend who said this is profound.

      I knew It was not Fully that way… But thought… Ki lets post and learn a bit more about it.

      The Last one was added with a pinch of Humour!! :-)

      And hum to apne se bahut Batiyate hai as Humari bakwaas koi koi hi sun sakta hai.

      Thanks jee

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