Poets of the Past-Delhi

Delhi has always been a City where Poets got  there due. Or was it Delhi that created Poets??

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Gurpreet Singh Tikku taking a Selfie with Mirza Ghalib at his Haveli in Gali Qasim Jaan

Delhi had so much Charm, So much of Character that some one who came to Delhi, never felt like going back.

Be it Momin who Came from Kashmir, or Mir Taqi “Mir” who originally hailed from Agra or even Ghalib who was also called Naushe (Damaad/ Son-in-Law) Miyan as his wife hailed from Delhi. Once he came to Delhi, he never went back and his final resting place is near the Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Nizamuddin Auliya.

I was inspired to pen down a short verse after being inspired by reading The 5 Dead Poets of India
by a Writer and Poetess par excellence Ms. Saumya Kulshrestha.


Mirza Ghalib

Here it is

Dilli ki galiyon mein aaj bhi ek alag si leh sunayi deti hai,
MOMIN ki aur SAUDA ki rooh dikhayi deti hai,

Dilli chahe kuch senkrro baras Purani ho, magar aaj bhi lagti hai nayi Naveli,

Chahe woh Badshah ZAFAR ka ho Qila, Chahe ho Noshe Miyan MIRZA GHALIB ki haveli…

Aur aaj bhi chal jaate hai kayi Dil par teer, Jab Parra jaata hai Mir Taqi MIR


Shukriya :-)


mir taki mir

Mir Taki “Mir”



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