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Gandhi Jee… A Different Perspective!!

No jee.. I am no Historian and have no interest too.  But yes… I love asking Questions, I love Observing Situations, I love analysing them for my own knowledge.

My only Association with Gandhi jee is that I love him in my pocket. No No Not literally, but because his image is there on the the Indian Currency Notes. Waise for the Information.. to us it seems that he was there on the Currency notes for past many Decades.. but actually it happened only in 1996.


Yesterday was fortunate enough to be at the Book launch of “Gandhi before India” a Book Written by an eminent Historian Mr. RamaChandra Guha. It was good to hear him on why he wrote this book and on some important phases of Gandhi jee’s life. What made the evening more meaningful was reading of Excerpts by the Great Actor Naseeruddin Shah, whose reading was like a Walk through!!


With what I gathered there, with my own experience,  With what I have read and thora bahut apna analysis laga kar.. writing a short note on him Today on his Birthday.

Hopefully it would give you a different insight on Gandhi!! If there is any doubt in the Facts then please do share…

Apart from some facts… some humour has been added, So if you think you may not be able to take it decently, then the blog ends here for you. Best Wishes.


Baaki Dosto.. Carry on… You know how to see the brighter side of Life. The Happier Side! :-)

Hopefully it would give you a different insight on Gandhi!!

  • Gandhi Was a Failure in Rajkot and Mumbai Courts as a Lawyer. Had he been successful here…then he would not have moved to South Africa and then would not have have become as Big for India and fir aaj India Mein chutti na hoti!!
  • Most of what is known about Gandhi’s and Nehru’s Life is derived from letters that they sent or received. So I believe Letters play an Important Role in life and are a good source of information. Just like Photographs are. So I have decided that from today… Apart from having dialogues with my Children which I do regularly.. I would also write letters to them and hand them a print out to file which I and they too can refer back when they may need to.


  • As widely perceived, the Title of Mahatma was not bestowed on him FIRST by Rabindranath Tagore. Rather by a Follower and his Financier/Sponsor Prem Jeewan Patel….. Who wrote it in a Letter to Gandhi’s Mentor Gokhale “That Take care of Him, he is a MAHATMA”. So sometimes… Popular belief is not a Fact!!
  • History suggests that Gandhi jee was not a Good Father, but still he is called “Father of the Nation”. Irony, Isn’t it
  • Gandhi may not be God, But for some he is not less than God. There are two temples in India dedicated to Gandhi.  One is located at Sambalpur in Orissa and the other at Nidaghatta village near Kadur in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.


  • Image


  • On one of his visit to South Africa….. he was beaten black and blue as they didn’t want Asiatics there. He was then not allowed to take a cab and the protesters followed till his place and then they gheraoed the complete area where he stayed. Finally Gandhi was forced by Local police to change his looks and change into local clothing and reach safely to the local police station. Kuch pane ke liye kuch khona parrta hai

In Sabarmati Ashram Archives, There is a Log of letters Gandhi Received and Sent. In one Log of 1858, there stands a Name of M.A. Jinnah and 2 letters were shared. No one knows what those letters would contain. Was he actually Muhammad Ali Jinnah, The so called Founder of Pakistan? But only Assumptions can be made and as Mr Guha pointed out… that Jinnah was also a lawyer and those days his practice was not good, So MAY BE…… both of them were planning to be partners in South Africa. Means the FATHER OF BOTH NATIONS were in touch somehow 50 years before independence took place. Mast hai na? :-)

Reminds me that on one of my Sojourns to Chor Bazar in Delhi, I happened to see one book… Chotti si thi…. Don’t know what struck me… And I asked “Bhaiya kitne ki” he said Rs 10, I knew they negotiate and always carried khulle paise in my pocket. So gave him Rs 5 and moved on… And Bhaiya said, “nahi nahi dus hi lagenge”, And then I gave a Re 1 coin to him and moved on with my copy brought for Rs 6.

It was only reaching home I realised that Book was on Gandhi Called “My Student Days”

  • It was Published in 1960
  • Has been Signed by the Publisher Anand T Hingorani
  • It Was gifted to Great teacher of all times K G Saiyidain, Who was the Director of Education, Jammu and Kashmir State from 1938 to 1945.
  • The original Cost of the Book in 1960 was Re 1.50


Would like to end this with a Few Words of Gandhi which hold more relevance now that it did earlier…… Hope we all adhere to it and Make our Life and of People around our better



You have something to Add, Criticize or Compliment? Please do :-)



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22 thoughts on “Gandhi Jee… A Different Perspective!!

  1. Thanks a Lot Priyanka jee… and coming from you means a lot.
    Indeed.. it was a pleasure meeting you and equally pleasurable is the string of events that led us to meet for the first time.

    And thanks a lot for your offer for the Event!!

  2. That’s a great post Guru Jee. I didn’t know most of the facts mentioned here and your insights are really valuable. I am thinking of starting a letter tradition too.

    Thank you for this one!

    1. Thank you hai jeee…… 1-2 I knew pehle se.. 1-2 kal pata chale.. and baaki kuch aaj Blog likhte hue research karke pata chale….. and us par jo Yippniiyaan hai woh abhi abhi bani.

      Thought the Book “My Student years” was brought by me from Chor Bazar in 1994. :-)

      DO what you want to do Bhai….. DOING is what will make you different from others and happy when you look back. Bas Kare Jao!!

  3. I am a friend of Saurabh Thakur, managed to get the link from his post in FB. Indeed you have a good observation and moreover you have nicely compiled it. Thank you

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