Start-Up in 1995

Startup Business todayToday everybody knows the meaning of “Start-up” but back in 1995 when I read Business Magazines on a regular basis I used to get confused when I read it once or twice in the whole magazine.

Nevertheless…. I loved the regular article in Business Today that had a special Start-Up page featuring stories of Entrepreneurs.

Today when I fetched that file while working on my project of and for Entrepreneurs…..Many memories came back flashing of cycling to Channa Market in Karol Bagh and buying these mags when I was in class 11th. Reading the Start-up  page first and then the rest of the magazines.. My dreams of getting featured on the cover of Business Today before I turn 30 and many more of them.

Some dreams got fulfilled and some have been postponed to a later date but the memories are intact and I love myself when I see back.

Lost opportunities… Did some work which did not make me happy…. tried to please everyone and in bargain lost myself…. tried to become like others to get accepted. Nothing worked…. but for not one moment did I let my Self confidence dip. Had that happened then probably I would still be in wilderness.

It was my Parents Blessings and confidence in me and my Jhaiji’s Love that did not let me loose hope for even one moment.

Sorry……Just got carried away to a different trajectory and apni aankh mein hi ansoo aa gaye.

Kehna yeh chahta hu ki jab bhi aapko lage ki hope nahi hai…… then see towards people who have made it… People who are doing it inspite of all odds….. People who dont know where the next meal would come from. People who may have lost everything and rebuilding it…… Get Inspired, Start Building, Start Smiling, Start Hoping and Keep Achieving

I know bahut khichrri bana di hai maine…. koi na.. aaj Khichrri hi Kha lo.. Biryani kal sahi :-)

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Look Around and Everybody is an Entrepreneur-Dahi Bhalle Wala bhi

This is my Second post in the series “Look Around and Everybody is an Entrepreneur!!”


The first one was on how the people seeking money in the name of Shanni Maharaj show their Entrepreneurial Skills.

However this one is of a person I know from past 15 years. To know more Read on and Listen along too :-)




“Bhalle Papree lelo-O”


This is one those Hauls which I have been listening almost every afternoon for the past 15 years. (Of-course whenever I am at Home)

And I am not alone…… More than 50000 Inhabitants of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi are my companions in this.



This is the Story of “Vaid Ram Moti Lal” Also known as Lallu to his family.


As soon as he said… people call me Lallu…. He was also quick to point out that in Delhi Lallu Means a Silly man….. But in his home State Uttar Pradesh Lallu is a “Love Word” which is addressed to kids whom you love, which is derived from Word “Lalla” which is further derived from word “Laadla” which means the Pampered one.

While reading the name, if you thought that VAID means an Ayurvedic Doctor…. Then you are right… he is one…… but somehow Medical practice didn’t work for him.

Like even his passion for Music didn’t pay him anything!!

He hails from Mathura, the Birth Place of Lord Krishna where we used to play Harmonium, Tabla and also sing Bhajans of Lord Krishna and songs of Bulle Shah!!

More on that after some time……

Now how does a Vaid and a Musician Find his place in a Series written about Entrepreneurs.

This is How…..

Lallu jee could not pursue his Profession (Vaid) and Passion (Music) in his hometown and having a family to feed came down to Delhi in search of Employment which could fetch him and his family his daily bread.

Sadly even after 4 months of running around…he was not able to get any job. It was then that his Wife advised that he should start something of his own.

It was one of those days…. That one of the ailing neighbour approached him for some medicine and he made his first money in Delhi. In order to celebrate that earning he made Dahi Bhalla and  Paapri at home for his 2 sons and three daughters and it was relished by all.


Noticing this,  his Wife suggested him to make more of them every day and sell them on a cart. Something that he did

Every day he would make some Dahi Bhalla Paapri and sit on a pavement in Jahangir Puri, Delhi to sell them.

Though everyone who tried it relished it, but still his tokri was never completely sold out.

And he then realised that the people who live in this area have low paying capacity and also that this area is less inhabited.

So, with some of his earnings he bought a Cycle and started riding to nearby developed colonies to sell his stuff.

This worked and every day he came back with an Empty tokri and filled Pockets.

It was then decided to make more of these and also go around selling it in different localities on different days.

And this is how he has been able to Earn Respect, Earn money and has been able to give quality education to his children and also marry them off.  All of them are well settled.

Now, he sells his stuff only occasionally in Rajouri Garden and that too because he has a personal Bond with this place and  with many residents over here and this is his way to spread happiness and meet people whom he had been serving for years.

So, after this Entrepreneurial Story we talked about music again and he told me he used to sing and play with Ravinder Jain who later went on to become a famous Music Director and also composed Music for more than 100 movies like Geet Gaata Chal, Chor Machaye Shor and his main claim to fame was being music Director for Indian Epic Serial Ramayan on TV.


Ravindra Jain- Vaidjee's one time Co-Singer and now a Famous Music Director
Ravindra Jain- Vaidjee’s one time Co-Singer and now a Famous Music Director

They would Sing Bhajans in Mandirs across Mathura, Aligarh and Vrindavan and had a great time.

And listening to all this, I was not able to resist requesting him to sing a few lines for us. He Obliged not with one but 2 Different songs and the Glow on his face while singing it was Extra ordinary.

Leaving you with 2 short Music Videos of a Minute each.

If you love MUSIC, You shall relish it, If you don’t, then probably will get an idea of it’s Pure form.

And yes, Everybody is an Entrepreneur, In his or her own way.


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Be Kind to Your Clients, Be Kinder to your Vendors!


This Valentine day, I’m reminded of an instance in 2010 when I was in a sticky position with a vendor.

I was working with “Swiss Junction” as a Marketing Manager and for Valentine’s Day promotion, we had ordered some Vinyl Stickers to pasted on the Store (Great India Place, NOIDA)  front mentioning “Valentine Gifts”.

Also ordered were 3 Pairs of Hearts Shaped Stickers to be placed on each side.

When the Stickers were being pasted, I realised that valentine has been misspelled as Velentine. :-)

And on pointing the mistake, the vendor apologized profusely and pleaded that he will change it by late Night or Early morning. Now this was a weeklong promotion, so the Sticker was not to be used for more than 7 days, but at the same time, it made no sense to let it remain as it is.

Standing in front of the shop an Idea struck & I asked the vendor to fix the Smallest of HEART on the misspelled E. And that did the Trick.



The problem was not rectified but the complete sticker looked better with the Heart in Valentine.

And yes, the Smile on the face of the Vendor was priceless :-)

Mentioned below are a few lessons that I learnt from this incident.

client vendor hand on hand

Act frugal: Try to find a solution. In most cases its simple logic and Common Sense, not Rocket Science

Find Solutions: Rather than looking at the problem for too long. Start thinking what would be the best solution to the given problem. Running away from the problem only creates more problems.

Don’t Waste Money: You may be an Entrepreneur spending from your own pocket or a Company Executive who would have a certain Marketing Budget to spend. In both the cases, it is your responsibility to ensure that every penny you spend is utilized to the fullest.

Don’t act Pricey because you are a Client: Around the same time as this incident, A Very Senior Corporate executive who was trying to shift jobs told me “Gurpreet, I’ve learnt a big lesson. “Never to Ill treat your vendors”. It is commonly thought that since one is a client he can delay payments, Reject Work, Shout at vendors and Create problems. And he did exactly the same. But now when he was looking to change his Job, he is finding none. Nobody is willing to refer him and even if somehow he is about to get the job, the word spreads around of his cruelty and he is refused the Job. Being Strict for quality is Right, but being heartless is not.


And do remember to share it with your Vendor, So that they can expect to be treated well from you and also with Clients, so that they can get an indication that you too want to be treated well 😉

If you have something to ADD, Compliment, or Criticize? Please do :-)

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Appy Ending

APP-y Ending!!!!



After a Long Saturday night doing Research at Ashoka University, Richa was able to go to bed only at 4 am. She placed an alarm to get up at 8 so that she could catch the train to Vidisha. Vidisha is a District in Madhya Pradesh, where Richa and her family belonged to. She was going to meet her parents after 4 months and it was more special because Diwali was 3 days away.

Richa was here in Delhi for a 1 year research program for creating an App that had the potential to change people’s life with regards to any Skin problem they may have.

The App could actually put a Dermatologist out of business. As once completed, this app could make anyone self diagnose any skin allergy, Rashes, Changes in Colour, Pigmentation etc.  that one may have.

One just needs to Switch on the cam, activate the app on their Smart Phone & then try to see the affected area through the screen.


After 10 seconds of capturing that area, the screen would tell all about the skin. The Colour, The Structure, The Texture, The kind of Allergy, The Cause, time it may take to heal and also the cure and that too only after paying 2 US $ for the download of app which would come with unlimited usage policy.

At least this is what she envisaged.



She had some savings and most of them had been spent on buying a Laptop and on paying monthly bills of her High Speed Internet back home so that she could surf more You Tube Videos, Read more about Skin & connect with able Professors who would keep sharing their feedback on her progress and once in a while would also come and chat with Skype.

The Only problem she faced was of Devices, which kept changing (read upgraded) every quarter. The devices were costly and she was not able to buy them.

But thanks to the Scholarship from Ashoka University, she could access their pool of assets and use Phone Instruments and experiment any development she made on the app.


By 10 in the morning, Richa was already in the Vidisha bound Jhelum Express which would take 11 hours to reach home.

As Richa had a long Night, she slept immediately after she boarded.

And by the time it turned 2, it was also time for Agra Cantt. Station to come, where Richa had planned to get down and grab some Cholle Poori for Lunch.

Once at Station she bought a plate of Cholle Poori and started eating it on the busy platform as she  knew that the train would stay here for another 15 minutes and was hence relaxed.

Once done with the tasty Cholle Poori and hands cleaned by lightly rubbing them against her faded jeans she went to the newspaper stall to pick up the Hindustan Times which was her daily read in the University Library.

What blew up her mind was the Front page ad of Samsung Note 3.


note 3

She thought, Combination of a Phone with so many features and a Big Screen would make her app research and development more effective.

The entire journey to Vidisha was now spent thinking about Note 3. Note 3 had created a spell on her but there was no way she could afford such an expensive phone.  All her saved Money was spent on her Laptop. Also the Rs. 3000 she got as stipend barely covered her entertainment expenses, which would be watching Movie Once every week and on her Love for eating Pizzas. And whatever she could save, was spent on Pen Drives, Magazine/Book Subscriptions etc.

So the only option was to talk to her father, which she did after Diwali. But she was told that though they respect her decision of not taking up the Campus Placement last year where she was offered a Job of 12 Lakhs per Annum, but they will not cough up any money for this phone of Rs. 40,000/-. It partly reflected her father’s frustration too, as he thought once Richa’s College would be over, he would be able to get a sigh of relief financially and also get their home painted this Diwali from Richa’s salary.

Home Painting was a decision which was being delayed for past 4 years. And this Diwali it would be the 5th.

Her Dad told him, if she wants the phone, she should take up a job and spend herself.

Taking up a Job was never difficult for Richa. After all she had topped the university back home. But her plans were different.

This Diwali many relatives came to Richa’s house and they all gifted her Rs 100 as Diwali gift.


Happy Diwali

On Diwali Night Richa counted it and realized she has 1200 Rs.

This sparked an idea & for the next 2 days she went to every relative she knew of in the city.

She would go and Say, “Hello Uncle jee, was passing by here so, thought to meet you” And since she was going there after a long period and that too in festive season, she never came without Rs 50 or 100 as gift from them.

Though she had already visited 12 Relatives, but she realized that this plan had no punch as the total money did not even cross Rs 2500.

Anyways, with Rs, 4000 in her pocket she headed back to Delhi. The Additional 1500 came from Rs 500 each given by Papa, Mummy and Daadi.

Though she had a great time this Diwali, but she was not thinking of the pleasant time she spent with family, but of the Phone she wanted to have which would make her app more effective and also she loved the phone itself. She called it a “Piece of Art”

Back in University she got back to her research but something unusual happened. She had missed watching movies at Cinema hall. And this was second in row.

She started saving for the Phone, even if it meant giving up her few loves of Life. She had calculated that he may buy that Note 3 Phone in 9 Months at this rate. 9 Months, is actually what takes a Child to be born and herein 9 Months, she would get her Ultimate Joy too.

Thanks fully, some students in the university were not doing well in their exams and approached Richa for Tuitions. She was already saving those 5 hours every week which would otherwise be her Movie time, so she decided to take it up. Main Reason was because it would fetch her Rs 5000 Additional income.

Eventually in the 6th month itself, she could save enough to go to a Samsung Show room in Connaught Place to buy the phone. She picked up a Black one and came back to University and didn’t sleep for 36 hours. Time which was not spent while exploring the phone was spent by just looking at the phone and admiring it’s beauty. More so, because it was HER’s!!!

Now she started working on it, and as she had thought, the App was completed before time and in a more effective way.

She submitted her app at the Google Play Store & planned to go back to Vidisha and stay there till her App got approved.  She would only be back after her App got approved to promote it

Richa always knew that she would not have to do much to promote it. She had to just give some interviews and focus on one Feature which would enable max downloads.

The Feature would solve many issues of today’s Young Women, and that was Acne.

Many Women don’t realize that Pimples are of different kind too and thus requires specific treatment rather than one size fits all, as in practice today.

Anyways, she still had some money saved with her and thought to go to Jhande Walan Mandir in Delhi, so that she could buy Parshaad packets for her relatives back home. Especially for those who had paid her Rs 100 on last visit. It was her way of thanking them. And for them too it would not have been just Rs 10 Parshaad ka packet but a Gift from a sweet niece & blessings from Maa Vaishno Devi.

Around 5 pm Richa left the temple and took a metro back to University. From the metro station she would take an Auto Rickshaw to cover the last mile of 6 kilometers.

Thank fully this metro had 6 carriages instead of 4, so she could have a comfortable space to stand and a have a comfortable ride.

As soon as she exited the metro station, an auto stopped in front and asked his destination.

auto rickshaw


The Auto Driver was delighted to hear “Ashoka University” as he was going towards that area only. He stayed in temporary settlement behind the University with his wife and 2 daughters aged 4 and 7.

Once they reached the University gates, Richa paid the agreed amount and came to her room.

This was her last night in the room where she stayed for past 10 Months. She went down the memory lane thinking how she Researched & Developed her App here, gave Tutions, decorated the room with posters of her heroes and also where she spent 2 sleepless nights just discovering her new phone Samsung Note 3.

Phone… PHONE… P-H-O-N-E… Where is the phone…. she Screamed…. And searched it in her pockets….. her room….. And then kept searching wildly…….

She must have checked each pocket of hers 7 times before she realized it was not with her and have probably LOST it.

She went through a flashback trying to reconstruct the last few hours.

The last she talked was to her Father, informing him that she is at Jhandewalan mandir and she is waiting to see them tomorrow night.

So, the possibility of losing it was narrowed down to 4 or 5 places.

Mandir while in Queue or while taking Darshan, In mandir while wearing her shoes, On her way to metro, In Metro, on her Auto Rickshaw ride.

And while her mind was trying hard to figure things out, Her Tshirt was already wet with the tears flowing down her face.

She actually wanted to howl, but controlled as it would disturb other researchers staying next door.

But what could she do now? She had a train to catch at 10 am tomorrow.

She went to her next door researcher and asked for his phone. Then through his phone sent a Whatsapp Message to her own Phone.  “Hi, I’m a student. Please give my phone back, I Shall be thankful. I will give you prize too. I cannot afford to buy a new one. Please call back at 9810668585. I am at Ashoka University” and then better sense dawned on her and she sent the same message in Hindi too. Then on second thoughts replicated the same as an SMS too. All her senses were super active now and she was hoping against hope, but did not want to leave any thread unpulled.


2014-11-24 08.17.28

In the meanwhile the man who had the phone with him is reading the Whatsapp messages and SMS too.

While reading the word “Ashoka University” he gave a feeble smile.

He copied down the number from where SMS came. Then he took out Richa’s SIM and installed his own SIM and slept.

Here Richa was hoping against hope and didn’t catch even a wink.

Around 3: 30 am The Samsung Note-3 Buzzed and hearing an unfamiliar notification sound the man with the phone got up and saw the message. It said that the Balance in your account is Rs 229 only. And he felt bad reading it and realized that the person was true that this phone is very dear to them and they can’t afford to buy a new one.  Reading this the man felt depressed and thought to give the phone back.

He unfolded the paper where he had written the phone number and called to inform Richa that Phone was with him. He told her that he stays close to Ashoka University and Richa can pick her phone from Madan Lal Chaiwala’s shop at 7 am.

Madan Lal Chaiwala shop was known to everyone within 10 kms of his shop. He set up base here 20 years back when he set up his Chai Shop after seeing that the labourers like him laying the roads have no place to have tea. So, he left his Job as a Daily Wager and opened his shop. It was only a Co-incidence that Ashoka University opened just opposite his shop and his business saw a Rocket jump in business.

At 6:30 am the man kick started his Auto Rickshaw and headed towards the University gate.


Yes, Richa left her phone in the Auto Rickshaw while coming to University.


The Auto Rickshaw driver was in a hurry as he had a Routine customer to pick every day at 8.

Auto rickshaw driver reached Madan Lal jee’s  Shop and then he heard that unusual Notification sound again. He took out Note3 from his pocket and checked the message. It was from his customer that he is not well and hence shall not be going to office in his Auto Rickshaw.

This left the Auto Rickshaw driver stunned.

He realized that it was “HIS” SIM card in the Note3 Phone and not of the person who owned this phone. . Also, the Low Balance Message he read while he was half asleep was from HIS bank and not of the person whose phone it was.

He quickly retraced his steps and, Kick started his Auto Rickshaw and rushed back.


Meanwhile, Richa was smiling since the time she got the message, but was still a Bit apprehensive too. After all it was too good to be true.

She reached the Tea Stall at 7 and introduced herself to Madan Lal jee and explained the story. Madan Lal jee Listened patiently to what she said and shared his helplessness in this matter and offered her Tea.

Richa sat on one of the benches and kept scurrying around for someone who would approach her or would be looking at her. And all this while…. Her tears rolled down slowly.


It was already 8 and she had to rush to the station to catch her train back home, which she did.

At Station she went inside a STD booth to let her parents know that she is boarding the Train and has lost her phone and hence shall not be contactable for next 12 hours.

And when she looked around she saw a Full Service Kiosk of Airtel at the platform.

She approached the person at the counter and shared the information that she has lost her phone and wants a new SIM.

She Paid Rs 25/-, Gave a copy of her ID proof, Filled a form and she was told that the new SIM shall work in 4 hours. She carefully slipped the SIM in her bag and boarded the train

Richa spent those 12 hours, just imagining the wonderful 10 months she had and also on spinning hopes on how her next 10 shall go, especially with her App expected to get approved any time by Google Play Store.

But deep inside her heart she was weeping due to the loss of the phone.

Clock Struck 10 and station entered Vidisha Railway Station. Richa was happy to see her parents there to receive him. Some thing she did not expect.

Also she did not expect that her Dad had brought a Micromax Canvas Phone for her as a Gift. The thought their mind crossed when they heard that Richa had lost her phone.

They wanted her to feel good.

After reaching home they had lots of talks over dinner and then everybody bid Good Night.

It was already 2:30 am. And then Richa realized to put the SIM in her new phone. She unboxed the phone, inserted the SIM, Put the phone on charging and then configured the phone to her Gmail account.

It would have been just a few seconds that she fixed the back cover of the phone and then suddenly Strings of Notifications started coming which ended at 3. When Richa opened the Phone to check, she froze for a moment. Her eyes got struck on 3 Messages

Google Play store

8 : 30 am : Congratulations your App has been approved!!

12:30 pm: Congratulations, with 2000 Downloads in 2 hours, your app is placed amongst Top 5 Paid Medical Apps on Google Play Store

4 pm: Congratulations, Your app has been downloaded 5000 Times.

7 pm: Congratulations your Google Wallet has been credited with Rs 6,01,327/-





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????? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ?????-GST

????? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ????? !!

?? ? ??

??? ?? ?????? ??

A Quote in Hindi which tells us to convert thoughts into Decisions. Other wise thoughts fade away very fast. and it is only later that you regret that you should have acted upon.

The Decision can be either ways, To Act or may not act and leave it or rather forget it. but keeping it in Mind and not reacting on it may be Harmful for Health, Mind and your Job/Business and even Relations.







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Sun is Shining, the Sky is Blue, There is an Opportunity rising for Me and You….

Abhi, While Converting my Diary of 2002 to Digital form, I discovered a short poem I used in that Day’s page. (1st July 2002)

Felt like Sharing as it is a beautiful Morning message!

“Sun is Shining, the Sky is Blue,
There is an Opportunity rising for Me and You,
With every Dawning of the Sun,
New opportunities have just begun,
With every breaking of the morn,
Fresh opportunities are newly born”

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For a Week, My Bathroom became My Classroom!!

Har Cheez kuch Sikhati hai…… Kabhi Chup rehkar, to Kabhi cheekh cheekh kar hume apni baat samjhati hai!!

(Every Thing around us teaches us something or other… Some times by keeping mum and sometimes by shouting from the roof)


And this was experienced by me a few days ago…. When my Geyser TALKED to me…. Yes it did and it didn’t only Talk it gave me a lesson too.

And then Every Next Day, I could hear voices from all the Accessories/Fittings in my bathroom and I wondered why I didn’t listen to them earlier.


But I am Glad that I did now…. And that I am sharing it with every one….

April 17, Friday
Day 1:: Geyser


While I went for a bath….. I heard my Geyser Say…”Gurpreet, It takes me 30 minutes to heat the water in Winters, but in Summers (now)…. I take only 6 minutes to do so. Just goes on to prove that…. Times keep changing…… But if you are consistent with your efforts, the “Target does get met”…… Sometimes Earlier… Sometime Later…..”

Thinking it to be a one off incident, I Moved on, Only to be surprised the next day too.

Just absorb this fully before going to the next day.

April 18 Saturday
Day 2:: Towel 

Next day, when I heard my Bath towel talking to me , I thought … Either I have gone Crazy or everything in my Bathroom has.
Nevertheless, I was Enjoying…and Learning too, so I listened carefully.

My Towel Said “Gurpreet, You use me rarely. May be for Just for 2 mins a day….. But still I am very very important to you. Just imagine… you have taken a Bath and you are without a Towel??”

And that set my mind thinking….

But the Towel Continued.

“So never Take things For Granted…..However small they are or however less they come in Contact with you….. You would realise its importance only when they are not with you”


April 19 Sunday
Day 3:: Bathroom Slippers


And the trend continued…….. As It was My Slippers Talking to me next.


It said…..”Gurpreet…. Each Person/ Object here in this world has come for a specific Motive. And if you try to change its use….Then it may not perform even 1% of what it is designed for.

Jaise ki….. I’m a chappal…. I can only be utilized when I’m on your feet Protecting you from Dust and Nails on the floor. If I think, That I can become and perform the function of a Glove or Cap which are More delicately handled…. Then I may Loose my character completely.
So….“Be Yourself and Excel rather Aping Others and Failing”.

April 2o Monday

Day 4:: Blank

Now, I was sure that today too there would be something and my expectations were very high.

I kept looking around for some inspiration, Kept my ears glued to any voice I may hear.

But nothing, Juts Nothing.
Probably it was also a lesson that “Stop taking things for Granted. If it is happening, then it is not a surety that this may keep happening!!

April 21 Tuesday
Day 5:: Tap

And then the next day I stepped into my Bathroom, Wondering if the saga continues…. And it did. And today I was surprised by my Tap (Mixer/Faucet).


I was Busy adjusting my tap to get the right Mix of Luke warm water for my bath….. But I was failing… The flowing water was either too warm or too cold. And after repeated attempts … I got the right mix in 3 Minutes”

On this my Mixer Tap tells me “Gurpreet, Sometimes it is stroke of Luck or sometimes…… It is sheer Hard Work…… which gives u the right Mix in Life.

So, Just “Work Hard” initially and find Best Mix for you and then keep working hard to maintain it… Till your Priorities Change”

Another Lesson Learnt!!

April 22 Wednesday
Day 6:: Mirror

And then the next day when I entered the Bathroom with least expectations to brush my teeth……. I heard another Voice.

And today it was my MIRROR.

As I looked into it and saw myself … I could hear my mirror saying…..

“Come on Gurpreet, let’s talk FACE TO FACE” and then continued….

Each Person has many facets, which is Good…. But Masks over those Facets is not good.

One can fool everyone in this world… but not yourself. Whenever you see the Mirror, You will only see and hear the truth…. Your Real Self……

Remember to “Be Sincere” to yourself, it will show through the Glow on your Face when you see the Mirror Next!!

And remember to “Smile when you see the Mirror….. If you can Smile for Others, You can Smile for yourself too”

And Since then, I can’t Stop Smiling :-)


April 23 Thursday
Day 7:: Soap

Unlike other Mornings when I heard a Loud Confident Voice, Today…. It was a very feeble Voice that called me…..

And when I looked around to see where it came from… I noticed it was from the Soap in my hand!!

It had already been used for 5 days and within next 5 days…. It would be used and finished completely.

In its feeble Whisper/sobbing tone… it said to me
Gurpreet, in order to use me… People rub me every day against them and in the process each day I lose a part of me. I cry at times because I will be finished in a few days.

However since I don’t have an option, I try to find a false solace that I am being of use to someone. But the truth is…… It’s good to help someone, but not at the cost of hurting yourself

If you don’t set your own priorities, then someone else will set it for you. It will be obviously that suits THEM, not YOU!
So take your own Decisions, Don’t Exhaust yourself for others!”

Another Lesson Learnt… Was Desperately Required.

Thanks Saabun Didi!


And since then…. I have not heard any more voice……. coming from the Bathroom.

But in hindsight I realise.. that many a times in Malls, Cinemas and even my Car I heard some sounds,but ignored it.

Seems… Now I need to convince them to speak to me again so that I could Listen,Talk, Learn and pen down “Mall Tales” and “Cinema Tales” too :-)

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Key Take Aways on Funding from “Google For Entrepreneurs” @ Oberoi, New Delhi

A few days back… I received  a call from “Thot Media Group”…. Probably the agency handling events for various Clients.

And they asked if I would want to be part of an Upcoming Event in Delhi titled “Google for Entrepreneurs?”

I found it interesting… Especially so because Google has been known for some ass kicking Events and their Content, Speakers and Hospitality is always talked about.

And as soon as I registered, being a obedient husband I am, told my Wife Gurleen about it on Phone….. She too said the same and confirmed that she has registered too, a day earlier.

“Women are Smarter” and whoever said this, was a Real Smart Women!!

So… on the appointed hour and time, we did reach the awesome venue and took our seats  Bean Bags…. And the learning flowed.

Ohk let me confess……… I know Google has many products which if we use properly can make our life simpler as an Entrepreneur and I thought that this Event is more so an opportunity to learn more about Google Docs/Google Forms/Google Hangout and other products which we do not know how to utilise in best possible way.

But….. as the event started… I realized that it was more about Finance, Accelerators, VC’s and Nasscom’s Initiative of 10K Start-ups 

And Since me and Gurleen have no Intention to seek funding and frankly at this stage we don’t even deserve to……. We started feeling uneasy on our Square Bright Google Coloured Bean bags and started exchanging notes on the Google Diary…. Something school kids do in School during a boring period and just before recess :-)

But…. Just then the learning’s started flowing…… and here I try to present a Mash up of all that was Said, Observed &  Analysed.

  • Research about VC/Investor as much as he does about your company
  • Any Funding takes 3-6 months of efforts/ Due Diligence etc. Be Prepared
  • Don’t get so involved in the Funding process that you let your Business suffer due to it.
  • Don’t just accept funding because it is available. Accept it when you need it.
  • By the time you are ready for Series A, you should have atleast 70% of the company ownership.
  • Social Presence is Important. If you calling a VC and he is not taking your call. Then you should have enough Social presence and reputation that other people of trade do put your recommendation. It is usually hard to ignore then.
  • In India….. Seek investments only when you have a running model and proof of traction. Nobody is willing to invest in an IDEA.

  • Don’t compare our Entrepreneurial Eco system with USA. They have been going through this for past 40 years….. We are not even 10 years old.
  • When seeking funding look mainly on what comes along with Namely Mentor/Network/Acceptance in Market/ Affiliation. Some times they prove more valuable than the funds themselves
  • If you want to expand overseas or want Foreign Funding…. Then do keep frequenting abroad. The VC’s want to have a regular touch, feel factor.
  • Investors look for Trends. Say a one time 1 crore revenue may not be as attractive as a growing trend which goes from 2 lacs to 12 lacs in one year. Same for Customer traction
  • Nasscom has taken a Big initiative of helping 10,000 start-ups in next 10 years and has partnered with key players to reach this goal. One of it’s Initiatives is a Co-Working space of 150 seats in major cities called the Start-up Warehouse. Where only Start-ups would be allowed to work from… for Max 1 year and Max 5 employees. The charges would be almost half of what others charge. Less than Rs. 4000 a Seat/Month
  • Accelerators are booming and wooing Entrepreneurs. If an Entrepreneur is looking for an Accelerator then One has to do some good Brain Storming while selecting an Accelerator too.
  • The Investor….  Gives a high priority to a TEAM. Most of the Ideas/Business that start initially does not actually go the same path. As per experience they change the plans….. And make a successful product. Only Because the TEAM is good.
  • A Mentor Helps you, Does not Work for you.
  • Any Money you raise…….. Try to raise it for a Particular Goal or Time…because if that’s not met…… Then the prospective Investors may shy off and even the Existing Investor will start suspecting you.
  • Do not think that if an investor is Invested in you…. He will save you from all the Financial Crunches you may face. Investors are here for business…. And he may be better writing off $50K than giving you more and then writing off $100k a year later.

That’s what I could take away from the Event…. And as usual it’s Different Strokes for Different Folks.

If there’s any thing you do not agree or want to add, then please share I am a learner always and you never know who may silently read your view and gain immensely from it.

Oh yes….. The food was yum and why not…… it was being served at the “Oberoi Hotel”….. A Hotel owned by the BEST HOTEL ENTREPRENEUR India may never  have again. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi, worked as a BELL BOY in Hotel Cecil, Simla and then within 10 years brought the hotel from the owner.

This is True Entrepreneurship and did I forget to mention, there were no VC’s then !!

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