Dance, Masti, Smiles- A Short 31 Second Video

A self made short 31 Second video capturing the Dance Masti of a few foodies.

There are Times that you feel like creating some thing. A Blog,  Quote, A Story, Probably Click a pic And I was going through this phase and now wanted to CREATE some thing different.

Those Days The HAPPY SONG by Pharrell Williams was quite a rage and everyone was making one of their own in School, College, office.


I thought why not do our own version with  Eatlo family who were supposed to meet in a day for Breakfast at Novelty, Jang Pura, New Delhi. 

With my Phone in hand I requested every one to do a few moves. Some Obliged and most of them did not. But I did have some recording and wanted to use it in some way. So called upa a friend of mien and share it with him and told him “Do whatever best you can do with it”


And here is the Final Product. a 31 Second video. 


Thanks to everyone who participated with full Masti. And this shall be repeated soon some day, better than This, longer than this :-)

Till the time you can see old Videos and Subscribe to my You Tube channel. 

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