KinBuk2 ki woh shaam!

1 March 2015

We went to a Foodie Get together at a newly opened restaurant in Connaught Place, new Delhi named Kinbuk2.


It was an evening with awesome Food, Great friends and Amazing AMbience. So as soon as I came back Home, I penned down a fel lines in it’s ode :-)

Aaj ki shaam bahut suhani thi….
Thori si Meethi, Thori Namkeeen aur bahut mastaani thi…

Mazedaar tha Kinbuk2 ka Khana,
Aur unki Biryani ka ho gaya hu Deewana…

Har server ne itne pyaar se khilaya,
Ki bhare pait par bhi mein na nahi keh paya….

Daaru kam pi thi, par nasha charr gaya zyada….
Aisi service ki Anay Bhai ke staff ne jaise hu mein (hum) koi Shehzada…

Unki terrace ka alag saroor tha
Aur to aur aaj Baarish ka bhi thora kasoor tha..

Desserts mein bhi alag tha swaad..
Maine woh khaye Dinner se pehle aur Dinner ke baad….

Karna chahta hu har us dost ka shukriya…
Jisne aaj ki mehfil mein aakar usko aur bhi chamka diya…

Aap sab ke bagair lagti yehi shaam saza…
Aur aapke saath aa gaya mehfil mein Maza


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The Detail of Retail


Spending My Day with a Client this Wednesday…We hopped 12 Malls in Quick Succession…….And got some Learning’s about evolving Retail and Mall Scenario.

Thought of sharing with you…….Not that you would not know…..But Still listening from some one else helps us in believing a bit more in the same.



  • Weekend is Good, But Weekday sales are not Bad either.
  • Some Kiosks (Counters in the aisle) make more money in the Mall, than your neighborhood’s best retailer.
  • Some Kiosks pay more rent than some of the Shops on Second Floor in the same mall.
  • After School….We used to go to Home, Have lunch and Rush for Tuition. Now you would find Teenagers in their School Dresses in Food Courts, Restaurants & Movies.
  • Few Years Back….When DLF Emporio (The Super Luxury Mall with Brands like LV, Cartier, Tarun Tahilani and Ilk) Opened, It was questioned. “Is it Required”.  Now, the mood is……One is not enough, We want more.



  • Customisation is the key or you would be thrown out. Ed Hardy….is Popular for it’s Skull Designed and embellished T-shirts …But in India……rarely people want to adorn that Rockstar look and moreover wearing Clothes with assumedly unholy/Scary Symbols is a taboo…..If not for the wearer, atleast for the parent. And hence I saw that it’s Select City Walk Mall Store and Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj Store was closed too.
  • If as a retailer you think, you can buy routine Stuff from outside and sell it at a higher price inside a Mall….You couldn’t be more mistaken, The Customer is more intelligent than you are.
  • Birthday parties are happening in every Mall on every day, at every restaurant.
  • Return Gifts are getting Flashier and more innovative.
  • Everybody is evolving with a Premium Version of their Models. Yo China, now has a Yo China Café, PVR(Rs 325) now has a Directors Cut(Rs 950). Niche Market, But Highly Paying Market.
  • Kuch Chale na Chale……Food will Reign Supreme in India. On a Wednesday afternoon…..we could find most of the Food Courts full. I wonder what would have been the scenario a day before…..2nd October, which was a National holiday.
  • Routine is out, Innovation is In.



New Customers


  • 5 Years back….. Affluent Housewife were the Biggest Spenders….Today, her Teen daughter is fast catching up.

  • Teen Guys as earlier are the same albeit in a different way…..They Spend on Gadgets, Girls, Games, Garments, Grooming in similar order. The 5G.



  • People are dying for entertainment. They want options. Sadly…We don’t have many. The only one we have in huge Supply is Movies. The Indian Customer is no longer interested in Amusement Park as it is in outdoors and hence is always open to the Extreme Heat, Rains and the Chilly Winters. Hence, people are shifting towards Indoor Sports……Such as Ice Skating, Bowling, Gaming Zones, Sports Bars. There is where the future lies 


  • The only Stores we found Empty were the Book Stores. Now, if those Customers have shifted to Online Purchases or Online Versions…Then Good…Otherwise, it is not a Good Indicator.


  • Apart from spending time on “”FaceBook””     We need to “”Face A Book”” Too

On the Whole…..We Indian Shoppers have started dictating Terms to the Retailers/Restaurants/Family Entertainment Centres/Cinemas and Malls. And they better Listen or Loose us.

Would be great if you would share your Observations and Views too on the same.

 All Images have been Sourced from



Was Initially published here with lots of more insights in the comments :-)

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Poets of the Past-Delhi

Delhi has always been a City where Poets got  there due. Or was it Delhi that created Poets??

2014-11-16 10.46.16

Gurpreet Singh Tikku taking a Selfie with Mirza Ghalib at his Haveli in Gali Qasim Jaan

Delhi had so much Charm, So much of Character that some one who came to Delhi, never felt like going back.

Be it Momin who Came from Kashmir, or Mir Taqi “Mir” who originally hailed from Agra or even Ghalib who was also called Naushe (Damaad/ Son-in-Law) Miyan as his wife hailed from Delhi. Once he came to Delhi, he never went back and his final resting place is near the Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Sayed Nizamuddin Auliya.

I was inspired to pen down a short verse after being inspired by reading The 5 Dead Poets of India
by a Writer and Poetess par excellence Ms. Saumya Kulshrestha.


Mirza Ghalib

Here it is

Dilli ki galiyon mein aaj bhi ek alag si leh sunayi deti hai,
MOMIN ki aur SAUDA ki rooh dikhayi deti hai,

Dilli chahe kuch senkrro baras Purani ho, magar aaj bhi lagti hai nayi Naveli,

Chahe woh Badshah ZAFAR ka ho Qila, Chahe ho Noshe Miyan MIRZA GHALIB ki haveli…

Aur aaj bhi chal jaate hai kayi Dil par teer, Jab Parra jaata hai Mir Taqi MIR


Shukriya :-)


mir taki mir

Mir Taki “Mir”

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Be Kind to Your Clients, Be Kinder to your Vendors!


This Valentine day, I’m reminded of an instance in 2010 when I was in a sticky position with a vendor.

I was working with “Swiss Junction” as a Marketing Manager and for Valentine’s Day promotion, we had ordered some Vinyl Stickers to pasted on the Store (Great India Place, NOIDA)  front mentioning “Valentine Gifts”.

Also ordered were 3 Pairs of Hearts Shaped Stickers to be placed on each side.

When the Stickers were being pasted, I realised that valentine has been misspelled as Velentine. :-)

And on pointing the mistake, the vendor apologized profusely and pleaded that he will change it by late Night or Early morning. Now this was a weeklong promotion, so the Sticker was not to be used for more than 7 days, but at the same time, it made no sense to let it remain as it is.

Standing in front of the shop an Idea struck & I asked the vendor to fix the Smallest of HEART on the misspelled E. And that did the Trick.



The problem was not rectified but the complete sticker looked better with the Heart in Valentine.

And yes, the Smile on the face of the Vendor was priceless :-)

Mentioned below are a few lessons that I learnt from this incident.

client vendor hand on hand

Act frugal: Try to find a solution. In most cases its simple logic and Common Sense, not Rocket Science

Find Solutions: Rather than looking at the problem for too long. Start thinking what would be the best solution to the given problem. Running away from the problem only creates more problems.

Don’t Waste Money: You may be an Entrepreneur spending from your own pocket or a Company Executive who would have a certain Marketing Budget to spend. In both the cases, it is your responsibility to ensure that every penny you spend is utilized to the fullest.

Don’t act Pricey because you are a Client: Around the same time as this incident, A Very Senior Corporate executive who was trying to shift jobs told me “Gurpreet, I’ve learnt a big lesson. “Never to Ill treat your vendors”. It is commonly thought that since one is a client he can delay payments, Reject Work, Shout at vendors and Create problems. And he did exactly the same. But now when he was looking to change his Job, he is finding none. Nobody is willing to refer him and even if somehow he is about to get the job, the word spreads around of his cruelty and he is refused the Job. Being Strict for quality is Right, but being heartless is not.


And do remember to share it with your Vendor, So that they can expect to be treated well from you and also with Clients, so that they can get an indication that you too want to be treated well 😉

If you have something to ADD, Compliment, or Criticize? Please do :-)

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Happy New Year 2015

Most of us have complaints that we GET is much less than what we Work towards.

So here Wishing you that You get more than You Work, And also get for additional work you have done in past years.

I hope, Wish and Pray that in 2015, You HARVEST More than you sow.

Also, keep Smiling and keep Spreading the Smiles

Happy New Year 2015

By the way this pic was clicked 4 days back on our way to Churu, Rajasthan

Saw it, Liked it, Clicked it, Shared it!! #58


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??? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ??… ???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??-Peshawar School Attack

candle peshawar


When the Attack on Peshawar School happened, we were driving to chennai to catch a train. What we heard left us still and we refused to believe it.

We were at loss of Words and Thoughts, like anybody else.

Peshawar is the Place where we had our Ancestral house, Till my Dadajee came to india Post Partition.

Some how, have tried to let out my feelings on the same.

??? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ??…
???? ?? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??….

?????? ?? ????? ??? ?? ???, ??? ??? ??? ?? ????….
??? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?? ????…

????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??,
???? ??? ?? ????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ??….

?? ????? ?? ????? ???? ???? ? ??? ??..
???? ??? ???? ?? ???, ?? ????? ??????? ????? ? ??? ??….

???? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ????? ??? ??? ???? ???…
???? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ???…

????? ?? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???
????? ?? ?? ????? ??, ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???

?????? ?? ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?????,
????? ??? ??? ??? ??????? ?? ?? ?????,

?????? ??, ???? ?? ?? ?? ???? ??? ??? ?????,
?????? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??? ?? ??? ?????????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ????? :-(

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Pritam Singh Churann Wale- Defence Colony

Last Week at Defence Colony, I Met this Gentle Man Pritam Singh.
What got me talking to Pritam jee was board on his Cycle Saying, “Lakkar Hajam, Patthar Hajam Churann”

He told that his formula is 60 years old &2014-12-03 20.44.53 was created by his father who till 5 years back sold it for 50 years, in Defence Colony Market.

While Pritam jee’s father sold it in Defence Colony, Pritam jee himself sold it in Lajpat Nagar. However, now for past 5 years, he sells it in Lajpat Nagar in Morning and at Defence Colony in evening!

My hajma is Quite good so I skipped the LHPH Churann but got Anardana Churann balls from him which were really good. If you want to experiment, then he had other Goodies like Saunf, Aam Pappar, Imli etc etc too.

Before you ask for his number…. here it is 9313972621. :-)

#Kuch Chehre Aise Bhi
#Ek kahani Aisi

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SHIV SAGAR- An Ocean of Foodie Delight opens in Delhi.

It was only 3 Months back that I heard about Shiv Sagar for the first time. A friend posted that Shiv Sagar is opening its First Delhi outlet soon. And when I saw that some people are really crazy hearing this news, I decided to Google it and got to know that Shiv Sagar is a 32 year old Mumbai based chain of Vegetarian Restaurants.

2014-11-29 14.11.04

Their specialty being South Indian Food, Bombay Street Food, North Indian food, Chinese and their Special Fresh Fruit Juices.

I forgot about it soon, only to be reminded on my Visit to Amritsar early this October. Near the Golden temple, I saw a Board of Shiv Sagar and realized that one in Delhi is opening soon.

Only a few Days back I got to know that the restaurant is bought to Delhi by Varun Puri and Vidur Kanodia.

Varun was the Vice President at Massive Restaurants.  We met first at the Launch of “Made in Punjab”  Cyber Hub, Gurgaon outlet in late 2013 and have been friends since then.

Varun had invited us for the Shiv Sagar Launch Event, but we were pre committed to be at “Fork You Too” for an event, so had to miss it.

But we as a group of 10 EATLOGS had already decided to probably be the first customers at Shiv Sagar, Delhi and decided to be there at 12 noon on the very first day they opened for customers.

The Place is very well located at Janpath along with Sarvanna Bhawan and very near to both Janpath and Rajiv Chowk Metro Stations

As we entered the well lit restaurant, we could sense the awesome aroma of Butter Dosas being served on a table. And we ordered for ourselves immediately.


Also, ordered were Pav Bhaji and Bombay Sandwich to start with.



The Bombay Sandwich tasted good and the Sev that was added to the Sandwich remained crispy even after the sandwich being grilled. The Mint Chutney was perfect. Not very spicy but the taste of Mint was very strong. Just as it should be.



The Pav Bhaji was good… much better than Places that we have eaten around in delhi.
We were told that the Pav’s are and shall be Air Lifted every day from Mumbai at 6am so that it reaches Shiv Sagar daily fresh.

2014-11-29 12.48.26
Need to say that many people have tried to recreate Bombay Pav’s in Delhi, but have always failed. Probably it’s the water that makes the difference.

Next on our Table was Plain Butter Dosa. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that Shiv Sagar knows its Chutney’s well. The Coconut Chutney they served is incomparable to any other outlet. I would go on and say that the Chutneys are even better than Sarvanna Bhawan which is a very High benchmark.


2014-11-29 12.55.32

The Sambar was very good…. More like a Dal. It was not at all Watery, but a bit thick and very flavourful with all the authentic ingredients.

Sev Puri: I have been a fan of Sev puri the moment I had it in Mumbai this year. Rather I created a video

How Sev Batata Puri Vendor turned out to be an Artist!!  of that person who made it for us, as if he was an artist. And since then have not been able to find Sev puri in Delhi. But here it was at Shiv Sagar. Needless to say, Every time I shall visit Shiv Sagar, Sev Puri shall be a must order.


2014-11-29 12.59.29

Fresh Fruit Juices: We were made to taste different juices in test tubes which were a wonderful way to present. We tasted, Pineapple, Orange and Water Melon. Some of the best Fresh Juices that I have tasted is at Haji Ali, Bombay and they reminded me of that. Did I mention that we then ordered all three of them……. one by one  :-)

2014-11-29 12.49.55

Chilly Crispy Idly.  When I Read this Dish, I got a bit curious and was told that we MUST order this. And so we did. And what a wonderful surprise it was. In short and Simple language I would say, that replace the Chicken in Chilli Chicken with Well made Crispy Idly’s and ensure that the curry of the dish reaches deep inside the pores of idly. And here you are. It was the only Dish; I didn’t share with any of my friends and had the full plate by myself. Oh yes… They tasted and they ordered a plate for themselves too





Upma: The Best!! Any word I say would be injustice to this great creation.


Bombay Pulao:  Bombay Pulao is special pulao which is made on a tawa and available at many places. The best I had was in a dingy gali at a Rehri wala in Gwalior.  Seeing the name in menu, it rang a bell and we ordered it. It was well presented in a boat shaped Bowl along with Raita. The Raita was a bit yellow in colour and had a few vegetables in it. Seeing the attractive yellow coloured raita, I first tasted the Raita and it was awesome. After having 4 spoons of Raita, I tried Pulao. Have to admit that either I don’t know how Bombay Pulao tastes like or it was not well made. Didn’t like it and thought it was a bit bland.

2014-11-29 13.21.53


Ice Cream with Dry Fruits: Saw a person on the next table having some ice Cream from a  Juice Glass which looked like Hot Chocolate Fudge. On enquiry from the server we got to know that this is a Dry Fruit ice Cream… Literally.  It was Ice Cream Scoops with some Sauces and lots and lots and lots of Nuts over it. When I insist on the word Nuts, you can imagine how many they would have been.

I saw many more things in the menu Like Chinese Bhel and other North indian Stuff too. Shall go back to savour them soon.

The quality of Serving Staff was top class. Even on first day, they knew their Dishes well. The Dishes were well presented and in much lesser time than we expected.

The Sitting is like any Fine Dining restaurant, though their rates are not priced very high. You can go there with friends, with family or go alone and eat araam se.

HaldiRam’s and Bikanerwala’s will have to pull up their socks as Shiv Sagar offers the Same Menu with much better taste, and that too at hardly 10-20% more rates with Table Service and Fine Dining Experience.

A  Meal for 2 should be easily covered in Rs 600 per person with juices.

I Plan to go there again on Evening of 5th Dec 2014 to Savour other delicacies. If you are around, then do say Hello. I shall be wearing a Red Turban and a Wide toothy Smile :-)

Update: I did visit them the next day too and found that as of now they are open from 12 to 3pm and then reopen at 7. So… avoid going there for breakfast or Post lunch Meals.




                                            Tummies Filled, Happy Souls, Smiling faces

L toR Shainky Thareja, Sharad RD Sharma, Kriti Nagpal, Ayandrali Dutta, Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Divya Rai, Kapil Bahl, Shashank Arora and the Eatlo Boss Shashank Aggarwal

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