Kuch Chehre Aise bhi……… #1


Today While visiting the slums In KathPutli Colony, Shaadi Pur for our Jaadui Pitara, We
(me and Shashank Aggarwal) happened to stop at the Gujarati School to talk to Children. In the Process… Achank my Nazar got attracted to the Register(Note Book) of the Girl in picture.
Her Entire Register was full and Each Word was like a Pearl.Itni Acchi Handwriting!!!!!Just goes on to Prove that Good Virtues do not depend on Good Environment, Money, Resources…. But on the Human being Him/Herself!!!PS: My Handwriting is such that If I write Now….. Then after an Hour it will be even tough for me to read what I have Written 

The Complete Page of Register.
The Gujarati School… Where 35 student were studying!!”Kuch Chehre Aise bhi………..” is a Series by me which Portrays and Salutes People who cross my way and Inspire me to keep Going. People who do not Blame Situations, But Make the Most out of it.
People who Create Solutions rather than problems.
People who believe in themselves and make others do the same. People who are Twinkling Stars and bring Cheer to even on Moonless Nights!



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