Happiest Date of my Life “1st Dec”

1st December was and will always be special in the life of Cottonions. 

This is the Day when we used to come back to our homes after staying 9 months in our Hostel BISHOP COTTON SCHOOL SHIMLA 
This was the day we met our Family and gali ke friends for the first time since March when we left for the session.
This is the day when our Final Exams got over.
This is the day when we had THREE MONTHS of vacations waiting for us.
This is the Day when we came back as 35 kg and went back as 45 in 3 months after having maa ke haath ka khana.

And this is the Day we used to get our Clothes and stuff packed in our Trunks to get back home. This Trunk is 30 years Old!!!

This has been and forever will be the Best day of my Life!!!
Happy 1st December!!!



PS:-Waise this DIAMOND Sticker was of Diamond Shoes. Which I had purchased from the factory. It had a small pocket and Was a good place to keep some cash…. this would help us not getting bullied while the seniors checked our shorts and trousers!